Rancho Mirage Lace Up Navy Stripe Breeze Dress

Price: $140.00



Perfect for a sail around the marina or coffee at that new cafe around the corner that you have been meaning to check out. Navy Stripe Breeze is super easy going. With her luxe blue and crisp white, she’s basically as versatile as denim. Browns, beige, reds, and yellows all add to her strong personality. Finish her off with some silver and gold rings and cuffs. No you aren't seeing things, this lace up tunic tank is absolute perfection. Wear with your bitty cut offs peeking out or on it's own when it is just too hot for anything else. *MADE IN THE GORGE USA* *100% Rayon *Laces up front *Can be worn as tunic or short dress *Basically Wrinkle-proof.