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AGOLDE is a denim lover’s dream. Every piece is vintage inspired perfection; from mini skirts, jumpers, to your favorite go-to jacket, and everything in between. AGOLDE manages to embrace a style that’s classic but also edgy. You’ll find your favorite looks from the 90’s but also revamps that are flawlessly chic.

Where Is AGOLDE Made?

AGOLDE denim is made in Los Angeles, where the design/production teams carefully craft each product. Using only the most earth friendly production methods, AGOLDE is helping pave the way for sustainability in the fashion industry.

AGOLDE has committed themselves to preserving the environment by using ozone machines, high-efficiency wash machines, and laser technology to lessen their carbon footprint. And they do it all in LA.

What Materials Does AGOLDE Use?

Each denim piece is made with 100% cotton for a comfortable, hypoallergenic fit. Besides denim, AGOLDE features many other products such as bodysuits, sweatshirts, and tees. Each piece has a different material makeup but you’ll see many items made with organic cotton, lycra, and modal.

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How Does Sizing Work?

Sizing depends on what you’re shopping for. For shorts, pants, and skirts be sure to pay attention to the waist size, which is available from sizes 22 to 32. For dresses and jumpsuits sizes range from 0 to 12.

For tops and jackets, choose between sizes XS to XL.

Where Can I Find Out More About AGOLDE?

To learn more about AGOLDE and view their latest collections, you can visit their website here.

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