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Crafting a line that is beautiful, feminine, elegant and comfortable isn’t easy, but Bella Dahl manages to do it all. Bella Dahl is beloved within the industry because of the soft fabric they use, and the looks they create. Casual yet sophisticated, Bella Dahl is the perfect West Coast look.

Where Is Bella Dahl Clothing Made?

Bella Dahl is made in Los Angeles, California. It’s there that every piece of clothing is hand-dyed and treated. Whether you’re looking for the essentials, or a stand alone piece, Bella Dahl creates high quality products you can feel confident and beautiful in.

How Long Has Bella Dahl Been In Business?

Since 2010 Bella Dahl has been designing clothes. Now women across the globe are wearing their products; from models to celebrities and every gorgeous woman in between.

What Materials Does Bella Dahl Use?

Designing clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear is at the heart of Bella Dahl’s mission statement. With a strong desire to create luxuriously soft clothing, they even created their own fabric. Known as “Tencera” this special material is made out of cellulose fibers from natural bleached wood pulp. It looks like denim but it’s much softer. Tencera is also non-toxic, recyclable, wrinkle resistant, and a great option for those with sensitive skin.

How Does Sizing Work?

Bella Dahl features beautiful tops, pants, dresses, and more for women’s size XS to Large.

Where Can I Find Out More About Bella Dahl?

Visit Bella Dahl to stay in the loop. While you’re there, check out their Bella Stories; stylized photo shoots featuring their ultra soft clothing line for fashion inspiration!

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