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bobi Los Angeles is the best of both worlds; casual yet luxurious. With gorgeous colors, the finest fibers, and flattering designs, bobi Los Angeles creates jersey products that beautifully drape and contour with the curves of your body.

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How Long Has bobi Los Angeles Been In Business?

bobi Los Angeles has been making an impression on the fashion industry since 2006. In the beginning, they kept their focus simple and to the point, obsessing over layering tanks and tees. Celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike were enamored by their simple but classic products.

The industry buzzed, and demand for more designs skyrocketed. bobi Los Angeles has since expanded their line to include dresses, jumpers, pants and more. Fan favorites are always available, but bobi Los Angeles also features five seasonal collections each year.

What Materials Does bobi Los Angeles Use?

Jersey is the core of bobi Los Angeles materials, thanks to Coco Chanel. Known as the “original jersey girl,” Coco Chanel took the fashion industry by storm when she began designing with jersey. The year was 1916, and prior to that, jersey had only been used for one thing — men’s underwear. Ahead of her time, Chanel saw how jersey beautifully accentuated the body and started putting it to good use. She’s the reason jersey became a staple in women’s fashion wear.

bobi Los Angeles has centered their brand around this luxurious material. Their products are made of top quality jersey and are always crafted with superior craftsmanship in mind. Their jersey products are both comfortable and elegant. Jersey is also resistant to wrinkles, making it an effortless choice.

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How Does Sizing Work?

bobi Los Angeles features sizes XS to XL.

Where Can I Find Out More About bobi Los Angeles?

To learn more about bobi Los Angeles and keep an eye on the latest trends and products, be sure to check out their website:

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