Citizens of Humanity

Mid-rise with a subtle flare? Or how about dark vintage indigo skinnies? Women’s jeans sure have come a long way since their introduction in 1934! Jeans are an absolute wardrobe staple and most women like having many options. Citizens of Humanity understands that and delivers gorgeous designs in tons of cuts and washes. With skillful execution from start to finish, they are absolute masters of denim. Find your next go-to pair today!

How Long Has Citizens of Humanity Been In Business?

Established in 2003, Citizens of Humanity has been clothing men and women for nearly two decades. Providing a high quality product and creating it with integrity is their motto. Believe it or not, each pair of jeans goes through the hands of nearly 40 people! And within that process, there are up to 50 steps to complete the process. No wonder they’re so successful. They truly care about craftsmanship.

Where Is Citizens of Humanity Located?

Citizens of Humanity is an LA based company with facilities in both LA and Turkey. But like their name suggests, their inspiration comes from all over the world. In fact the design team travels near and far so they can source only the highest quality materials. And as you might have guessed, these adventures often lead to new ideas and creativity in their design process. A win-win for the designers but also their customers!


What Materials Does Citizens of Humanity Use?

Sophistication and style go hand and hand..much like denim and cotton! With Citizens of Humanity nearly every piece is made with 100% cotton. But depending upon the style, you’ll also notice jeans made of rayon and elastane, among other fabrics.

How Does Sizing Work?

Women’s jeans are available in sizes 22 to 33.

Where Can I Find Out More About Citizens of Humanity?

To learn more about Citizens of Humanity and their many efforts to preserve the environment, please visit their website here.

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