Fall Denim

Happy October!

It’s Misty and I want to talk to you about a good pair of jeans. Having a good pair of jeans in my closet that feel good and make me feel good just starts my day off so much better. In my opinion, jeans are such a good foundation garment. If my outfit starts off with a good pair of jeans, then rest of my outfit just comes together so much smoother.
We have so many great denim options in store and online right now!

Let’s face it, denim isn’t always the most fun to try on… you have to go in with an open mind and try on a few. Sometimes you size up, sometimes you size down… it’s no lie that it takes some time but it’s totally worth your time and investment.
I took some time to try on our new arrivals and revisit new washes in my favorite styles…

And here is what I’m loving right now.

In the fall I am a strong believer in black skinnies. I don’t always love leggings but I like the look and feel. I look for a pair that are stretchy but have a good denim weight and feel.

My favorite black skinnies are the Rocket in All black

I have to say I LOVE my Rockets. The stretch recovery is amazing and they just hold it all in!
Just enough stretch to make me feel like I am in yoga pants…and I just feel more put together.

I’m Typically a 29 or 30 and I could do the 29 and it not feel too tight so you could go down a size!

I love dark wash and dark stitching… I feel like I can dress it up or down… I’ll admit I like to get the most out of my denim… (but I do live in it)

I originally went in thinking I had my mind made up with on which denim I wanted for this category but I surprised myself and fell in love with a jean I honestly wasn’t sure about… (Pro Tip: Keep an open mind…Always try on the things you think you “know” won’t work…because sometimes they do)

–AG Contour 360 I loved it. The Contour 360 just hits you in all the right places, the stretch is amazing, and it still feels like you have on a true denim. The pocket placement is always really good on AG so this one just checked off all the boxes.
I suggest sizing Down!


Fall Must have trend…Flares.

I love the Penny pull-on flare by Free People!


Also, Check out the tuxedo striped denim from Agolde!

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