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Michael Stars

With breezy gauze, cotton and classic linen, the Michael Stars collection looks fresh and effortless. Looking for that perfect Tee that can be dressed up or down? Or how about a drapey A-line dress that’s casual yet chic? Every piece is high quality and produced right here in the USA. And with each purchase, The Michael Stars Foundation will donate money to various organizations who fight for equality. In fact, they have donated millions since the organization began in 2005. Fashion that truly makes a difference!

Where Is Michael Stars Clothing Made?

Michael Stars is designed and produced locally in Los Angeles, to ensure top-notch quality. Beyond crafting fabulous clothing, the company’s aim is to also provide fair pay and economic opportunities for their local community.

How Long Has Michael Stars Been In Business?

Michael Stars was founded in 1986 by Michael Cohen and Suzanne Lerner. We are proud to say that Cotton Island was one of the very first boutiques to ever carry the brand! Companies come and go, and only the best stand the test of time. With designs that are classic and not too trendy, the Michael Stars collection is full of the must-have wardrobe essentials that keep the company perennially popular.

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What Materials Does Michael Stars Use?

Michael Stars uses nothing but the best materials. Specifically fabrics that have a nice drape, are flattering to the figure, and are comfortable. Within the collection you’ll find several different fabrics such as cotton, gauze, modal and viscose.

How Does Sizing Work?

Michael Stars took the fashion world by storm with their classic “one size” Tee. You’ll still find a few “OS” items within the collection, but for the most part sizes range from XS to Large.

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