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Sanctuary Clothing

Sanctuary Clothing is laid back and effortless; a California meets New York sort of vibe. With Sanctuary’s top quality, eco-friendly fibers and relaxed approach, you’ll feel confident yet comfortable as you reduce your carbon footprint.

Where Is Sanctuary Clothing Made?

The mission behind Sanctuary is simple: To create stylish clothing that is also eco-friendly and sustainable. To fulfill that mission, LA natives and founders Ken and Deb Polanco searched near and far to find plants that could meet their mission standards: “Less water, less chemicals, less energy.” It took time to find those plants, but they did, and it was an investment they were more than happy to make.

How Long Has Sanctuary Been In Business?

Sanctuary was founded over two decades ago, in 1997 in Los Angeles, by Ken and Deb Polanco. Over the last 20+ years, they’ve grown from master pant makers into a complete women’s collection.

What Materials Does Sanctuary Use?

The beauty behind Sanctuary’s brand is their heartfelt desire to protect and preserve nature. In an incredibly wasteful industry that seems to care little about future repercussions, Sanctuary stands out — in a good way. What better way to preserve our environment than to conserve and recycle? Here’s Sanctuary’s unique approach:

When crafting their denim, Sanctuary uses a poly replacement that’s made of recycled plastic. For example, three plastic bottles are used for every pair of pants. Sanctuary has also found ways to significantly lower the amount of water they use in production. For every pair of jeans, only one glass of water is used in the wash process. One! Compare that to the industry average of 2,000 gallons of water per one pair of jeans. Eco-conscious in everything they do, Sanctuary is paving the way in the fashion industry.

Low Impact Materials:
Sanctuary uses low impact fibers like linen and tencel in their tee’s, jackets, dresses, and other products. These gorgeous articles of clothing are also made with recycled material and of course, much less water. Sanctuary ensures their clothing is as low impact as possible, eco-friendly, and incredibly comfortable.

How Does Sizing Work?

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her clothing. Sanctuary aspires to create clothing that every woman, whatever her size or body shape, can feel confident and gorgeous in. Sanctuary's line is all inclusive, ranging from size XXS to 3X.

Where Can I Find Out More About Sanctuary?

To learn more about Sanctuary and to keep up on all things social, check out their website here: https://www.sanctuaryclothing.com/.

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