At THML Clothing, it’s all in the details. With statement sleeves, festive tassels, and floral embroidery, THML is a boho lover’s dream. But what really makes them stand out is their fresh and modern take on bohemian classics. THML has mastered the art of designing clothing that women of all walks of life can feel beautiful and confident in.

Where Is THML Clothing Made

There’s nothing drab about THML. Based in sunny Los Angeles, this line is as cheerful as the city it’s made in.

How Long Has THML Clothing Been In Business?

THML Clothing was formerly known as “Theme” and has been styling women since 2007. Celebrating the modern woman, THML designs clothing women can both work and play in, while still showing off their personality.

What Materials Does THML Clothing Use?

THML Clothing features many different fabrics, but the majority of their styles are made out of light and airy cotton. With THML Clothing, the beauty is in the details. Comfortable materials featuring gorgeous embroidery, fringe, and feminine details are at the core of their design.

How Does Sizing Work?

THML features womens sizes XS to Large.

Where Can I Find Out More About THML Clothing?

The best place to keep tabs on THML is their Instagram! There you can find stylized outfits, sales, shows and more. You can also check out their website here.

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